About Us

We offer a bouquet of specialized services at competitive rates that cater to all import and export requirements for our clients.

In Customs we work in the name and style of Ghanshyam Patel Freight Forwarders Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

By bringing in experience of three decades, we are making tedious tasks simpler by going an extra mile.

We aim to provide services that bring efficient and meaningful improvements to our customer’s businesses.

Clear Communication And Transparent Transactions

Transparency is the key to building lasting relationships.

When it comes to handling Customs clearances and tasks related to import and export, every minute is crucial. To keep you updated on the process, our admin team is always on their toes. The team is led by Mrs. Rushina Sheth Patel, who with her experience of over 20 years knows how important it is to keep clients updated with the key happenings in their projects.

Well Managed Operations

Import and Export logistics need precise planning and execution. At AquaEarth Logistics LLP, we tackle every project with utmost precision, be it completing documentation for trade or handling critical Customs cases. Our team makes sure it's done in a proper and compliant way. Thanks to the expertise of Mr. Kashyap Patel who is a veteran in the field of Customs clearance and freight forwarding, we can execute each project smoothly.

Future Ready

We are continuously updating our knowledge and assets to provide foolproof solutions to our clients.

We're ready to cater to our clients dealing with Air Cargo that will soon be functional in the city of Surat, Gujarat.

Dedicated Team For Handling Export And Import Consignments At The Customs

When exporting or importing goods, one needs to go through various processes to complete a successful procedure of Customs. Quality checks, Trade compliance, Documentation and International payment transactions can be intimidating for first-time exporters/importers. To help you overcome the fear of trading internationally, we have set up a dedicated team of professionals to help you go through the whole process smoothly.

Our Team

Kashyap Patel (Managing Partner)

Mr. Kashyap Patel is one of the Managing Partners at AquaEarth Logistics LLP and has an extensive experience of three decades in the logistics sector. His core competencies comprise of operations & management.

In 2019, he started a new journey through AquaEarth Logistics which will now provide simpler, efficient and economical Customs clearance & logistics solutions for business owners in Surat that are looking to or presently exporting or importing goods.

Mrs. Rushina Sheth Patel (Managing Partner)

Mrs. Rushina Sheth Patel is a Managing Partner at AquaEarth Logistics LLP and brings with her decade's worth of experience from her days in the education & academics sector. The knowledge she brings with her helps us to handle each and every client with accuracy.

Her role is at AquaEarth Logistics serves as the backbone of the organization as she handles the administrative team which makes sure each and every task is fulfilled towards client satisfaction.