We provide 360- degree logistics solutions for your business.

Freight Forwarding

At AquaEarth Logistics LLP, strategic clearing and forwarding solutions that ensure a fast and positive outcome.

Be it a small or huge consignment, we offer the best in class logistic solutions for deliveries across the world. We are well versed and updated with the understanding of laws and documentation requirements across nations.

When it comes to handling, every consignment is given special attention by our team to ensure it reaches its destination at the given time, cost and with complete due diligence. And one most important thing while handling goods the cost might not be an important factor but the way the work is executed is. 

Air Freight

Air Freight is the fastest mode of connecting to any part of the world.

When handling consignments that are time-bound, Air Freight is the fastest way for you. With AquaEarth Logistics LLP your cargo gets a custom-tailored solution to ensure it reaches the destination on time seamlessly.

Ocean Freight

At AquaEarth Logistics, we take port to port service up a notch by providing transparent, timely and sincere service for our clients.

When dealing with Ocean Freight, pre-planning is an essential step. Our team of experts take care of each task involved in the process to make sure your cargo leaves and reaches the ports on time and in perfect condition. We specialize in CONTAINERIZED CARGO, BREAK BULK and ODC (Over Dimension Cargo).

We also provide Consolidated services based on the requirements of the client.

We understand the value of your cargo and to provide a better experience, we are always ready to go the extra mile for our clients. When working with ODC (Over Dimension Cargo), we take special care of it by bringing in outsourced expert support. 

Customs Brokerage

When it comes to Customs Clearance, each step plays an important part to clear the consignment successfully. There are certain things like identification of the commodity, it’s classification and the duty applicable that make each case different from others. With the right research of government schemes and strategies, our team provides expert advice in Customs brokerage for clearance services for allsectors.

Our team’s working methods revolve around being continuously updated and adapting new government initiatives and policies. We provide all necessary functions of Customs clearance under one roof which means the clearance of your consignment is done flawlessly in minimized delivery time, and low operation costs.

Consolidation Services

We help our customers minimize their business costs by freight consolidation services to build long-term partnerships and volume price minimization.

We offer vendor consolidation services that allow our clients to focus on their business growth, not supplier and staffing management. Our proven experience and solutions enable us to provide efficient, economical strategies for managing your freight needs.

By consolidating freight, information and documents at the country of origin, and by leveraging our close ties we help you get the best rates without any sacrifice of service.